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Don't settle for anything less than the Official Photobomb App! You can now create photobombs two ways. One way is to add famous photobomb characters to your images. The second way is to crop a portion of one images and add it to another.

Looking to photobomb a photo? Maybe add a celebrity? Insert a squirrel, meme character or a friend's head? Photobomb has it all! Yes now you can crop a portion of your image and add them to another image. You can use this, for example, to crop your head out of a photo and added it to another creating unique and funny photobombs!

In addition to creating a Photobomb - now you can view the latest viral photobomb images, gifs and video bombs!


When creating your own Photobomb, you can start with an image from your image library or start with one of our standard backgrounds then tweak it with one of the more than 200 different animals, celebrities and other fun image add-ons. Get the best Animated Emojis iPhone app!