14 Exceedingly Awkward Dating App Screenshots That Prove What A Wild Place Online Dating Is These Days

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5. "Towards the beginning of the pandemic, Tinder offered the premium 'passport' feature, where you can change your current location to any country you want, for free. I obviously was not actually planning to travel anywhere soon, but I was bored, so I took advantage of the feature. When swiping in a country where English isn't the native language, I stated in my profile that I only knew English, but I was working on learning their language. I matched with a guy and asked a generic starter question about what he likes to do for fun, and he said he likes 'erotic talk.' I responded with, 'Sorry, I only speak English, not erotic talk.' He unmatched with me immediately, but hey, I thought it was pretty funny."

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Brandi Watson

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