17 People Who Were So, So, So Wrong And Yet So, So, So Confident About It

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I just need you to know that there's a person out there who thinks that babies grow inside fetuses.

1. This guy is convinced that the average woman has sex — with a completely different partner — every two days. Sounds exhausting!

2. Apparently, butterflies aren't animals.

3. I'm not even sure what to say about this one.

4. If you're going to correct someone's grammar, make sure you're right.

5. And if someone does correct your grammar correctly, don't try to pretend that you did it on purpose.

6. Like, it's very easy to just say nothing.

7. Yeah, that was definitely NOT safer than today.

8. The whole "the baby is inside the fetus" thing is enough on its own, but the spelling of placenta here is what really sends me.

9. Here's a flat Earther who is probably not actually an engineer.

10. "If he was a scientist, where was his white coat and little glass beaker thingy? Huh?? Answer me that!!!"

11. Were... were they thinking of Rushmore?

12. "I have been to doctors."

13. Simple math: 0.999999999 equals zero!

14. Well in that case, we should stop bothering the billionaires!

15. Define "exactly" here.

16. I love that this person thinks that you're supposed to just, like, read the dictionary from cover to cover.

17. And finally, here's the perfect example of why you shouldn't listen to random finance influencers.

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