18 Screenshots From This Month Of Guys Being Shockingly Wrong About Women's Bodies

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1. This guy who said women are “useless” after they have sex once:

2. This male nurse who told a patient who had her period that she was actually shitting herself:

3. This father who, after his daughter's tampon allegedly fell out in a pool, said people who menstruate can just...hold their blood in:

4. This armchair geneticist who said that the DNA in semen goes to a woman's brain:

5. This guy who thought of a really, really bad idea but definitely thought it was a really, really good idea:

6. This guy who makes me genuinely concerned for our future:

7. This guy who really thought men bear the brunt of a pregnancy:

8. This guy who clearly doesn't understand the process of growing a human being inside your body:

9. This guy who thought there was only one reason to see a gyno:

10. This guy whose use of the word "apparently" really pissed me off — like, WHO told him this information?

11. This boyfriend who thought tampon = penis:

12. This uncle who said a woman's genes change as soon as she says "I do":

13. This guy who seriously needs to just open a book or something:

14. This guy who posted a picture of a woman riding a horse and then called it "disgusting":

15. This guy who — and I will NEVER get over this — referred to some vaginas as "little slit[s], as if it was smacked with a razor blade":

16. This misinformed guy who saw a news story about helping kids and decided to chime in with a very concerning opinion:

17. I'm honestly not even sure where to start with this, but just...no to all of it:

18. And finally, this confused movie watcher who...you know what? At least he's trying to learn:

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