19 Unbelievable Screenshots From Hinge, Bumble, And Tinder This Month That'll Make You Question Humanity

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1. This brilliant geographer:

2. This "successful American man":

3. This cruel bully who should have her dating app privileges revoked:

4. This dating app veteran who is DONE:

6. This creep who should keep things to himself:

7. This "nice guy" stranger who is totally not a creep:

8. This guy who had to give his unsolicited opinion:

9. This self-pitying, self-proclaimed "weirdo":

10. This guy who actually thinks his opener is going to lead to a conversation:

11. This complete and utter troll:

12. This guy who is totally trustworthy and not at all a weirdo:

13. This person who is definitely trying to lure people to their house:

14. This rampant misogynist:

15. This unfortunately honest guy:

16. This man who is trying to meet women by immediately insulting them:

17. This guy with no manners or restraint:

19. Finally, this straight shooter:

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