If You Have Trust Issues, These 27 Reviewer-Loved Target Products Won't Let You Down

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17. A Google Nest thermostat you can control from your phone (no matter where you are) and by using your voice. It also learns your schedule and temperature preferences, connects to your phone to know whether you're home or away, and will notify you if there's ever any system issues. 

Plus, you could potentially save some $$$ by remotely turning it off when you leave, then back on before you get back so it'll be your ideal temp by the time you get home.

Promising review: "These thermostats are excellent as they 'learn' your schedule (you can modify it of course) after a few days. I like the fact it is connected to my Wi-Fi and control them from anywhere (whether home or away)." —John D

Price: $249 (available in two colors)

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