22 Random Charts I Found On The Internet That People Who Love To Learn Things Will Love

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1. Here's a little info on how colors have been described to Blind people, and honestly, it's so wholesome.......??????

2. If you've ever wondered how common your birthday is, boy, do I have a chart for you!!!

3. This chart shows where in your body you feel different emotions, so that's pretty cool, I think!

4. This handy-dandy simplification of "their," "they're," and "there"...and on a T-shirt, no less!

5. Here's a rather disheartening graph on inflation and deflation:

6. Here's what Pangea would've looked like with today's borders:

7. There's this chart on just how painful it is to get each body part tatted:

8. Here are some of the most famous and ✨extravagant✨ European crowns out there:

9. This guide lets you know the order of priority in an emergency room:

10. This is the ✨3/3/3✨ rule when it comes to adopting a dog:

11. If you're curious about genetics, here's this chart on hair color possibilities!!!

12. And here's how babies supposedly view the world as their eyesight develops...pretty cool!!!

13. These are some places you can still work even if you've had a felony charge:

14. In case you didn't know, there are hacks to googling!!!

15. This artfully done needlepoint(???) that illustrates the various stages of decay:

16. This helpful guide to different ways of having your steak cooked:

17. Here's some helpful language for how to make sure you get paid for your services (whatever they may be!):

18. Here's how taxes work, in case you're like me and absolutely do not get it:

19. This visual on all the different tally marks around the world:

20. This chart is proof that you don't need a college education to make money!!!

21. Here's this handy-dandy trick for how to remember how long each month is!!!

22. This play-by-play on how to make a truly iconic sofa fort:

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