23 Products That'll Make Yard Work Less Intimidating

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This is free of pesticides, fragrances, and artificial colors. It's safe to use on lawns, gardens, patios, vegetables, flowers, dog kennels, and grass. It's also safe to use on areas where your pets or kids play. The spray treats and prevents infestations from ants, ticks, chiggers, crickets, Japanese beetles, and roaches. Just FYI, some reviewers note that because of the added cedar oil the product may attract carpenter bees if you already have a few flying around.

Promising review: "Wow! Well worth the money! Two months ago, we purchased 70 acres in Virginia and decided to start a hobby ranch. Because we are on well water, I was looking for a safe alternative to normal pesticides — that's when I learned about cedar oil. Due to the mild winter, the ticks are extremely bad this year. I purchased this and I was pleasantly surprised. I first used it on our inside dogs and sprayed it directly on some visibly alive ticks. When they say it kills them immediately, they mean it. Later that afternoon, I found one latched on to me so I sprayed directly on it and again dead within seconds. The best part is that it doesn't leave an oily residue and smells great. I will be buying in bulk from here on out." —Timothy J Sullivan

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