24 Jokes About Adulthood That'll Help You Laugh Through That Quarter-Life Crisis You're Going Through Right Now

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Being an adult is fun!!! 😇✨💖

Being an adult has a steep learning curve. From jobs to relationships to filing your taxes (!!!), there's a whole lot about adulthood that nobody really prepares you for.

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So, here are just some of the funniest tweets about ~adulting~ that'll help you laugh through all the ups and downs:

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1. In adulthood, it seems like getting a good night's rest doesn't exist:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @iHad2GoGetit

2. You may be behind on one of many bills, and you didn't even realize it:

being an adult is so hard wtf. moving out of the apartment I lived for a year in and I just realized that I didn't pay my electric bill this whole time??

06:39 PM - 15 Mar 2023

Twitter: @Spicalol

6. You probably keep in touch with friends via memes:

Being an adult means you have a friend and he live in different part of the country and you just send each other weird videos and say ," this made me think of you".

01:07 PM - 09 Mar 2023

Twitter: @Sakshiisanerd

7. You may snooze your alarm clock in the morning ~multiple times~:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @wildstate

8. Being an adult means you're probably very skilled at hiding how overwhelmed you are:

Twitter: @ItsMattsLaw

11. And every week, you have to decide whether you'll be responsible and meal prep, or just search for something to eat when the time comes:

i'll never be a meal prep girl i much prefer the agony and the ecstasy of scrounging around for sustenance like a dog

01:49 AM - 01 Feb 2023

Twitter: @laylology

15. Because doing ANYTHING costs money:

Being an adult is like “hey do you wanna hang out? We can go *place where I have to spend money*, *other place I would have to spend money*, *yet another place that costs money to be at*”

04:43 PM - 15 Mar 2023

Twitter: @zukosmadre

16. When you were younger, you probably wanted to grow up so badly, but now that you're here, adult life isn't all that easy:

Twitter: @luvinfuls

17. You thought you were done with group projects in school, but it really just continues in adulthood:

Twitter: @shanselman

18. Dating becomes more and more complicated:

Dating has gotten so difficult now, everyone either in situationships, too broken from old shit to let go, still stuck on their ex, carrying baggage, being a hoe, or married 😭😂

02:40 AM - 16 Mar 2023

Twitter: @WhoTFissim

20. You're responsible for deciding what to eat every night (and some of us are indecisive!!!):

Easily the worst part of adulthood is having to decide what's for dinner every single goddamn night.

10:03 PM - 14 Nov 2022

Twitter: @clapifyoulikeme

21. Adulthood is a series of crises that come at you all at once:

I used to think adulthood was one crisis after another. I was wrong. Multiple crises. Concurrently. All at once. All the time. Forever.

10:31 AM - 14 Mar 2023

Twitter: @Maxthepapi

LOL. Well, I think we can all agree that adulthood can sometimes be ~exhausting~.


What are some hilarious and brutal truths about adulthood that you wish you knew when you were younger? Let us know in the comments below!

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