25 Things From Target That’ll Help You Save A Little Time In The Morning

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Who knows, you might even become a morning person.

1. A single-serve blender so getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies is as quick as a couple of handfuls and the press of a button. Less mess with no shortage on the nutrients to get your day started on positive note? We Stan!!

The single-serve blender


Promising review: "I love the Hamilton Beach portable blender. I use it at my office for my breakfast smoothies and it is perfect. It blends the ice smooth so no surprise chunks and it is quieter than I expected. I have used it to make smoothies, smoothie bowls, salsa, mini microwave cakes, and several other things. It’s also compact enough to store in small spaces." —Mandapalooza

Price: $19.99 (available in three colors)

2. A one-step brush and hair dryer that simultaneously dries and styles your hair. For those procrastinators who want our hair to look great but don’t tend to wake up with enough time to make that a reality, this is for us.

The Revlon dryer on a table


Promising review: "I love this item. You really blow dry your hair in a fraction of the time. It literally took me about 10-15 to dry my whole head. I have natural hair btw." —DaiDai567

Price: $39.89 (available in two colors)

3. A rotating makeup organizer so you’re not fumbling through drawers and makeup bags looking for the right shades and pieces. They’ll all be on display and in a gorgeous pastel color that makes it impossible to be disorganized even on the most disorganized of days.

the pink makeup organizer with cosmetics on it


Promising review: "Was looking for something pretty for my vanity and this was the prettiest that I found; was easy to put together and my makeup is displayed really nicely now. Would totally recommend this."  —Threshold Black Brass

Price: $22.99 (available in three colors)

4. A power stand alarm clock that’s a blast from the past but with a modern twist. If you’re like me, hitting the snooze button as many times as possible, a proper alarm clock might help you become less of a snoozer and more of a morning person (one can only hope).

The alarm clock with the time and charging a phone


Promising review: "I’ve had this for some time now and it is a great clock and charger! The clock is nice and bright both day and night. The charger is great because all you do is place your phone up there and it’s charging. Charges pretty quickly too! This was a smart buy definitely." —Robin

Price: $30

5. A dry shampoo for a good-smelling spruce-up that will instantly restore your unwashed hair to its former glory. A quick body shower plus a couple sprays of this and you’ll look and smell fresh without the full hair wash and style that would unfortunately take up too much time.

a hand holding the dry shampoo mid-spray


Promising review: "This is my favorite dry shampoo by far. I wash one to two times a week so dry shampoo is a frequent buy for me. I have tried every brand under the sun and this has by far been one of my favorites I always come back to. I am a brunette and the product easily blends in compared to other drug store brands. I have found that if I spray it in my roots and leave it to absorb for about two minutes before rubbing it in, it applies so much better! This makes me feel refreshed and the scent is not too much, just enough. You don’t need to use as much product as you think with this either. A little goes a long way! I love the convenience of this being a target product too." —Cadella

Price: $15

6. A single-serve coffee maker that can do both hot AND iced! Whether you're in the mood for a warm and cozy pick-me-up or a delicious iced creation, it’ll brew it for you in seconds, getting you in the zone by the time you get to the office.

the black coffee maker


Promising review: "I love my Mr. Coffee machine. Works well, small/space saver, and easy to clean! The package comes with recipe ideas too. To clean, you just take out the filler cup and the cup underneath that and wash. This machine is mess-free. I love it all around!" —Z

Price: $54.99 (available in four colors)

7. A long-sleeved speckled A-line dress that will serve up a fashionable, put-together look at the workplace without having to sort through everything you own while your brain is still in startup mode.

The dress being worn while holding coffee and a purse


Promising review: "Beautiful dress, perfect for the office with a respectable length and very cute neck detail. Fits perfectly." —KelleyKath

Price: $35.99 (available in sizes S–XL)

8. A shoe organizer that hangs over the door. I love it because it’s clear so you’ll never have to sort through a bunch of different pairs in the back of a dark closet or spend your morning running around the apartment looking for that one missing loafer. Set yourself up for success one step at a time. ;)

the clear shoe holder over a closet door


Promising review: "This over-the-door shoe bag is perfect — it holds a lot of shoes, keeps them off the floor in my closet, and I can see what I’ve got. Highly recommend!" —MLT1743

Price: $10

9. An egg cooker that will be your saving grace every morning because you'll be able to cook breakfast (and maybe even lunch too!) while you get ready, instead of wasting precious time hovering over the stove. Whether you want hard-boiled eggs for your lunch salad and/or poached eggs for breakfast, this little gadget has got you covered.

The egg cooker surrounded by deviled eggs


Promising review: "Cooks eggs PERFECTLY! No muss no fuss! Poke the hole, put in the water marked on the cup and click on! A pretty chime lets you know it’s done! I love it! Tried every function and couldn’t be happier! This is genius!!" —coconut58

Price: $19.99 (available in three colors)

10. A face lotion with SPF that does double duty so your morning skincare routine can be just a little quicker on the days you're just not feeling it (which might be everyday when it comes to skincare TBH).

a model holding the tube of moisturizer and applying some to their face


Promising review: "I can only wear mineral sunscreen on my face as chemical-based sunscreens tend to irritate my skin. It's been very hard to find one that isn't really greasy and thick, and that doesn't leave a white cast up until now. I love how thin the consistency of this sunscreen is so it doesn't feel like I'm trying to rub glue onto my face. It goes on white initially but blends into my skin tone after about 10 minutes (I'm on the fair side). Instead of having that thick and greasy feel of a sunscreen, it feels like I just applied a lightweight moisturizer. It also wears nicely under makeup. I love that it has 20 percent zinc oxide, many other mineral sunscreens have a very low amount making me question the efficacy of the sunscreen, and the Native line has much cleaner ingredients than many other brands so I feel good about wearing it daily. Definitely recommended for those who hate the feel of most mineral sunscreens." —Sara

Price: $15.99

11. A gooseneck electric kettle with bonus coasters to be your sleek little helper for your morning tea or French press coffee. It has a button for whatever brew you're making so it heats the water perfectly, keeping that morning routine as easy as possible.

The tea kettle next to breakfast pastries and a cup of tea


Promising review: "I bought this kettle for my mom as a gift and she just loves it! She loves how she can easily hit a button to get the perfect tea temperature! Her old kettle spout was leaky and she kept spilling and burning herself. With the gooseneck, it pours easily and there's no spill. The best part about the kettle is how sophisticated it looks on the counter! We just love this kettle!" —AllyKat

Price: $69.99

12. A small waterproof speaker to add a little zest to your morning routine. If you’re like me and need a high energy (read: mostly boy bands) playlist to fully wake up, this will help add a pep to your step. Tote this speaker to the bathroom, shower, bedroom and everywhere between.

a model sitting next to a table with the speaker on it while outside


Promising review: "It fits perfectly in my shower and I can play my music just loud enough where I don’t bother my friends, but I can jam out to it." —Manda0000

Price: $22.99

13. A coat rack that’s chic, modern, and not bulky but will hold all your out-the-door essentials, allowing a fast exit. Last minute details like umbrellas, scarves, purses, masks and hats will be stationed right by the door so you'll never forget what you need most.

the coat rack with a hat and purse hanging on it


Promising review: "This coat rack is a nice addition to our foyer. It was fairly easy to put together, be careful putting in the pegs as it's easy to peel off the wood design coating/wrap. It is lightweight, but the weight in the base makes it less likely to tip."  —windy city

Price: $39.99

14. A set of jaw hair clips to do one of those viral TikTok updos that require minimal effort but have show-stopping results. Perfect when you want to do a subtle but effective hair change and only have five minutes to do it.

The hair clips in their packaging


Promising review: "I have very fine, thin hair and most clips slip off my hair, except these! They will hold my hair half up, half down and in a bun! The clips have this slightly cushioned rubber on the inside, which helps grip the hair so well. I also like that they are in a matte finish. I've tried so many hair clips and these are by far my favorite." —petitegirl

Price: $3.99 for a six-pack

15. An over-the-door bathroom organizer and towel bar that can house all of your getting-ready essentials. Our theme here is easy access, time-saving and helpful storage, so with your 100 hair styling tools and bathroom products, this is the perfect place to keep them all.

Two photos of the bathroom storage setup


Promising review: "My bathroom is small so any extra storage is a good thing. This over-the-door bathroom storage works perfect for me. It's easy to put up and you don't need any tools either. It comes with eleven pockets of different sizes and three hooks where you can hang up towels or a robe. It has bumper guards, so not worries about messing up your door." —lkcochicksrule

Price: $22.49

16. A sprayable lotion to glaze on right after you rush out of the shower. Moisturizing is crucial but sometimes we don't have the patience to lather up properly and this is the answer to that problem.

the spray on lotion


Promising review: "I’ve been using this for months. I put it on my skin after every shower and I love it. I find the process of putting regular body lotion on tedious and this definitely feels faster and more effective. It is also great for hard to reach places like the back. The cocoa butter scent is great and it is very moisturizing while also drying quickly. My skin still feels moisturized 24+ hours later. Using this consistently helped me get rid of a dry skin patch on my chest that caused hyperpigmentation. I just noticed today that the skin feels smooth and plump and the discoloration is gone. That’s what prompted me to write this review!" —PrincessP

Price: $6.19

17. An adorable lunch tote set that comes with two food storage containers so you can pack your lunch quickly and easily every morning (or the night before if you really wanna save time). Plus its fun geometric design makes it just as fashionable as it is practical!

The lunchbox and storage containers filled with food


Promising review: "Super cute and practical lunch tote. Has a lot of room to fit my salad bowl, yogurt, banana, and a water bottle. Keeps its cold and fits nicely in the fridge." —Caitlin

Price: $20.99

18. A dry-erase calendar that will help you remember all the important details, tasks and appointments you need to know for each day before your brain is truly awake and able to do it on its own. You'll set yourself up for success each morning and can customize it with cute notes, doodles and photos.

The dry erase calendar hanging on a wall


19. A pack of facial wax strips that will have you looking fresh as a daisy from the salon without having to actually make an appointment at the salon. Save some extra steps from your beauty routine with these inexpensive lifesavers that boast long-lasting results.

A wax strip displayed


Promising review: "I loved saving money and doing this at home. It was easy, started with the powder, did the wax strips, then wiped my skin with the oil wipe. No issues for my dry skin! I reused the strip a second time and was even more effective that time. Sorry wax salon!" —Mon

Price: $7.29 for a 24-pack

20. A breakfast sandwich maker with a timer to make a homemade, delicious, bodega-grade bacon, egg and cheese sando a reality, even in the most intense of time crunches. Add all ingredients at once and *presto* — you're on time to work and saving money on breakfast in one fell swoop.

The sandwich maker on a counter surrounded by breakfast sandwiches


Promising review: "Was looking for something that my son could make quick in the morning before school. We found it, it's amazing, easy to clean, and from start to finish, less than seven minutes! I love the timer that some of the others don't have!" —Kim

Price: $29.99

21. A priming vitamin C facial mist that will wake you up and get your skin ready for makeup (or just for the day, if you don't wear makeup). With hundreds of rave reviews for its hydrating properties, you'll feel rejuvenated in no time flat.

a model spritzing the mist on their face


Promising review: "I really enjoy the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skincare Priming Glow Mist. It smells like fresh flowers and gives you eight hours of hydration. I totally recommend it." —bobbief5

Price: $9.99

22. A key rack for the most important, yet most likely to go into hiding, accessory. No more endless rustling around in your bag before leaving and wondering where the car keys are — just hang this by the door and you'll be out sooner than you know and with less stress than you need.

The key rack hanging on a wall


Promising review: "The place I wanted to put this key rack I couldn't put screws in the wall so I ended up using Command Strips and it worked great! Simple yet a perfect place to put my keys that also looks nice!" —Alex

Price: $10

23. A bread maker that you can use overnight so you'll wake up to the smell of fresh-baked bread in the morning, while having a whole loaf for toast or to make a sandwich for lunch. When your coworkers find out that you make your own bread, they might start bugging you for some, so maybe keep it low-key since you’re looking to save time.

The breadmaker next to loaves of bread


Promising review: "I am so happy with my purchase. This is my first bread machine, and it’s so easy to use. I’ve done the basic white bread, express white bread, cinnamon raisin bread, pizza dough, and strawberry jam. Everything has come out perfectly. I used the delay timer this morning for white bread, and it worked great. I could smell the bread before I even got out of bed. It really can’t be any easier to use. You measure ingredients and put them in the pan in the order given. Then choose the cycle and press start. In 1–3 hours, you’ve got a loaf of fresh bread. It’s also super easy to clean. I really don’t understand how this one was so much cheaper than other bread makers. It’s truly a great purchase and I’m glad that I chose this one!" —Bev

Price: $72.99

24. A pair of woven slip-on flats for those inevitable "I don't have time for it" morning moments. They have a classy but not too flashy look and will probably be the easiest pair of shoes you'll ever wear. You'll be thanking us and cursing us for not wanting to wear anything else.

the beige woven mule


Promising review: "These are so comfortable! They didn’t need to be broken in at all and I was happily surprised at the all day comfort when I wore them to work. I found them true to size." —AnnieAtx

Price: $24.99 (available in sizes 6–11 and in three colors) 

25. An oversized sweater to throw on in your most unmotivated of mornings while still looking chic and collected. It's the perfect look for when you really can't be bothered to pick a head-turning outfit but want all the same compliments you would get if you had.

A model wearing the sweater in the oatmeal color


Promising review: "I love this V-neck sweater. The material is soft and comfortable. It's a loose fit so you can probably size down if you prefer a fitted look but it's true to size. I love that I can tuck it in with jeans or leave it out with slacks or pants. It's perfect for fall and colder weather." —Karina

Price: $18.70 (originally $22, available in sizes S–4X and in five colors)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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