26 Practical Parenting Items From Target You’re Probably Missing From Your Life

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Promising review: "I thought this was a little unnecessary in that you can make your own stuff like this, but I didn't have time and we were having a lot of issues, so I picked it up hoping it would help for now. it's actually fantastic. it's so handy, well thought out, and the check register books are such a great idea. they have special delineations so you and your child can keep track of every little up and down. It really helps my son to be able to see so clearly where his behavior benefits him and where it costs him. I know that stuff seems obvious, but it really does help to see it spelled out in front of them like this. It's helping him be much more accountable for his actions and exercise more self-control in a way that basic rewards and punishments just weren't doing. The dry-erase is a little hard to erase, and I had to get better markers, but it's still very useful, and the register books, which I didn't even care about when I bought it, turned out to be really fantastic." —sn

Price: $19.99

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