30 Nourishing Products To Help Hydrate Your Skin After A Long Winter

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21. A pack of Korean collagen face masks for increasing skin's elasticity while also providing moisturizing care. It also contains vitamin E to help keep dull skin away.

Each mask has its own scent, too!

Promising reviews: "So it's winter here in Michigan, so my skin gets EXTREMELY DRY and I break out because of it. I've tried all sorts of oils, facial cleansers, scrubs, you name it, to get rid of my acne. I recently got it bad on my chin and it's super embarrassing. So I decided to dry out these face masks. I was a bit skeptical at first because they're so cheap and you get 16 of them and I also didn't know the ingredients. But, hey, gotta try things sometimes, ya know? So I got them and immediately after using one, I saw results the next day. I've been using them every other day or every two days, and all that's left is scarring, no pimples, and my face is extra glowy. I love these and I would DEFINITELY buy again." —Taylor

"These masks are perfect for dry winter weather. My skin felt hydrated but not greasy after use. I have very sensitive skin and I am happy to say I had no reaction to any of the ingredients. In fact, the masks have a cooling effect which noticeably reduced redness. Would definitely buy again." —_ThroughTheWoods_

Get a 16-pack from Amazon for $11.99.

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