30 Products If You’re Looking For Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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24. A three-blade metal razor whose pivoting head contours to your body for a close, unique-to-you shave. Be done with those cheap plastic razors that don't last long and mostly just cause major ouchies.

a hand holding the metal leaf razor in gold

a gif of someone shaving their armpit with the Leaf razor

Leaf Shave is a small business whose mission is to create a better razor that is also better for the environment. Their packaging is 100% plastic-free, and through financing initiatives to offset 100% of the company's CO2e emissions they've become Climate Neutral certified. 

BuzzFeed editor Danielle Healy is a big fan of this razor:

"I know, I know — $80 for a razor feels pretty steep, but plastic razors really add up over time and this thing is STURDY. When first trying to eco-swap my shave routine I tried a regular safety razor because it was a lot cheaper and I basically bled to death (kidding, but I did cut myself a lot). It works really well for some people, but I had really come to rely on the pivoting head of the plastic razors I learned on. So imagine my pure delight when I finally snagged one of these beauties and could return to shaving without all the cuts and blood. It's really easy to change the blades, and I find myself getting a better shave because I'm not putting off buying another razor like I would before. It really is a great investment that not only keeps plastic razors out of landfills, but all the plastic packaging they come in, too!" 

Get it from Amazon for $84 (available in six colors). 

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