30 Walmart Products That’ll Make Your Life Easier This Spring

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Spring forward made simple.

1. An air purifier to help you breathe easier at home, even if outside, spring allergies have decided to wreak havoc on your sinuses. It can help filter out pollen, dust, and pet dander, so they're not hiding in your home.

white cylindrical air purifier sitting on an ottoman in a bedroom


Promising review: "I spent a lot of time reading reviews of air purifiers, and this Levoit received a lot of praise. I have had it for two weeks now, and I'm very pleased with it. It's the right size for my bedroom, it has three fan speeds, and the lowest speed is perfect for nighttime — a gentle soothing sound. The room feels fresher, and it seems to help eliminate dust. Very happy with this purchase." —Gillian

Price: $79.97

2. A 14-cup touchscreen coffee maker that you can program up to 24 hours ahead of time, so you can wake up every morning with hot coffee waiting for you, ready to take on the (finally) longer daylight hours.

white 14 Cup Programmable Touchscreen Coffee Maker


Promising review: "It's so cute and aesthetically pleasing! Love that it has a timer to have coffee when you wake up in the mornings! And LOVE that it's affordable!" —Sam

Price: $49.96 (originally $59; available in four colors)

3. A S'Well teakwood water bottle that will keep you hydrated all day now that you're spending more time enjoying the outdoors.

woman walking holding a teakwood S'well Traveler bottle


Promising review: "I just love it. I love the wood look, and the size is perfect. The wood design really looks like wood. I also love the lid, there are no spills, and it is always ready and cold when I need it. I also use it for my coffee, and it keeps it really hot just the way I like it." —Beverly B.

Price: $29.99+ (available in three sizes)

4. A NutriBullet, because the farmers market is full of seasonal produce to let you make morning smoothies daily. This compact blender will help you whip one up in no time.

grey nutribullet with fruit inside next to a plate of vegetables and fruit on a green backdrop


Promising review: "I love my new NutriBullet. I have been making yummy smoothies every morning for breakfast. Even my husband will drink them, and now, I can finally get those healthy greens, etc. into him. Great price. Very powerful motor. Easy to clean. Sits conveniently on my counter without taking up a bunch of space. Just what I was looking for. I highly recommend it." —funkyj

Price: $58 (originally $60)

5. A Hello Bello organic bug repellent that'll help keep mosquitos from making you and your family their go-to buffet. It's DEET-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for babies and kids, too.

hello bellow mosquito repellent


Promising review: "Love this product. 100% satisfied. Keeps mosquitoes away! I will continue to order. Small bug spray smell, what you normally expect from bug spray repellent." —mila

Price: $8.78

6. A rechargeable file to exfoliate your feet and get rid of dead skin. After being covered up all winter, your feet deserve some TLC so they can feel and look ready for sandal season.

blue rechargeable foot file


Promising review: "Easy to use. Does an excellent job removing all the hard skin from my feet. Very gentle. Love the fact that the pedi is rechargeable and the roller is very simple to remove, clean, or replace." —CARROLL

Price: $40.49

7. A pair of slide sandals you can wear now that your toes are ready to be free (and the weather lets you get away with it).

pink slide sandals


Promising review: "This is a very pretty sandal. Comfy, and the color is great!" —Alberta

Price: $14.98 (available in sizes 6–11 and four colors)

8. A weekender bag because you've been dreaming about warm weather vacations all season, and now, it's time to actually take one. Reviewers say there is plenty of room for essentials (sunscreen, extra shoes, snacks, water bottles, and more will fit inside).

black weekend tote


Promising review: "So much more room inside than I expected! Has a slip pocket in the back to go over the handle of a suitcase!" —Paige

Price: $27.88 (available in five colors)

9. A Neutrogena SPF 70 sunblock to help protect your face from getting sunburned now that you can spend more than a few minutes outside at a time.

neutrogena spf 70 sunblock


Promising review: "It doesn't feel heavy or greasy or have a much of a scent. I've been buying this for years, and it's my favorite." —Cathy

Price: $9.58

10. A handy mat you can use while picnicking, camping, or lounging outside. It has pockets and handles so it's easy to tote around, and you can clean it with just soap and water.

striped yellow, orange, blue, and green rollable mat


Promising review: "Very handy beach mat, camping mat, all of the above. We are a family of six, and we all sit on it with our sandy feet to the sides. We probably could've gotten two for our big family, but it works. My favorite part is that it folds up, has velcro closure, and has handles!" —Honestyfirst

Price: $12.14+ (originally $15.49; available in three colors)

11. A cordless handheld vacuum to clean all the corners and hard-to-reach nooks so you can make sure you banish all the dirt and cobwebs in your house.

The cordless handheld vacuum


Promising review: "This is the best handheld vacuum that I have ever owned! I am one of those people who doesn't pull out the full-sized vacuum unless I'm cleaning the whole house, so this little handheld vacuum definitely comes in handy! It is very easy to use with a slide of a button. It has a convenient charging dock that flashes a blue light on the vacuum while charging and has a solid light for when it is done! This is definitely the go-to vacuum for small apartments or people with kids who make small messes every day! I will definitely recommend this product to family and friends!"  —Ashley

Price: $57.10

12. Or, a robot vacuum that'll help keep your floors consistently clean and free of spills, messes, and things that make you sneeze (ahem, pet hair). You can control the vacuum via your phone — spring cleaning, made easy.

eufy black robot vacuum


Promising review: "This robovac is absolutely awesome. I love the small charging station, [and] how thin it is so it can fit under the dressers and everything. It has great suction, and I love that it has three different suction strengths. Couldn't be happier!" —Hayle

Price: $96 (originally $249.99)

13. A set of cotton sateen sheets to refresh your bed now that you don't need heavy duty sheets to keep you warm through the night. This set is soft, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant.

white cotton sateen sheets on a bed


The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one to two pillowcases.

Promising review: "The best sheets! Soft and will keep you warm or cool! Great price, too!" —Stacey

Price: $24.98+ (available in sizes Twin–King and 20 colors)

14. A bottle of dry shampoo that will keep your hair fresh now that your calendar is full of springtime events and activities. No more greasy roots when the weather warms up!

batiste dry shampoo


Promising review: "I have tried many different dry shampoos in all price points and have found none that work as good as Batiste. I have very oily hair and have to wash daily which I don't want to do. This does not leave any residue, sprays on [and] nicely combs through, and you're good to go. Lasts all day." —Shirley

Price: $15.35

15. An under-the-bed storage bin to hold all your winter gear that you can put away for the rest of the year. Goodbye, oversized scarfs and bulky sweaters.

under the bed storage bin with clear top and wheels


Promising review: "Perfect for my need to find extra storage in my bedroom. Smooth rollers make it easy to slide in and out. Sturdy sides keep items in place. Clear top to see what's there. Love it. Getting two more!" —Simpletastes6

Price: $21.98

16. Chelsea rain boots so you can brave any inclement weather. They're stylish, too, so they pair with most outfits, even if you're not expecting to tread through any puddles.

black chelsea boot


Promising review: "This is a perfect, comfy little rain boot. Smooth and on-trend, yet classic." —Mommyspice

Price: $24.98 (available in sizes 6–10 and in cream)

17. A six-cube storage organizer to hold cube bins, home decor, electronics, and more, helping make any room look cleaner with minimal effort.

natural wood colored organizer with books and storage bins inside


Promising review: "These cubbies are light yet sturdy, and they are easy to assemble. The finish is nice and smooth. I have multiple cubbies of different sizes used around the house; they can be used for almost any kind of storage/organization, [and] gives the home a tidy look." —cutestkids

Price: $69 (available in six colors)

18. A set of drawer organizers so you can finally get that junk drawer organized while you're in spring cleaning mode. The set comes with eight organizers of different sizes so all of your random things have their own little home.

black drawer organizers holding various office supplies inside a drawer


Promising review: "I bought them for my desk drawers as my stuff always slid around and then jammed. This was exactly what I needed! I love the size variations and how they clip together!" —Matthew

Price: $6.33

19. A wicker egg chair to make your outdoor space more inviting, and give you somewhere to curl up with a book and enjoy some vitamin D.

brown wicker egg chair with white cushions in a cute outdoor area


Promising review: "I love this chair. It is wide and sturdy. It was easy to put together. I can't say how well it holds up in the elements, but it looks beautiful in my home. My teens even like to sit in it. The design is nice, and it can be decorated to your liking. It is my exclusive reading chair!" —nina

Price: $297 (originally $374; available in four colors) 

20. Or, a freestanding, double hammock that doesn't require you to have any sturdy trees to hang. You can nap leisurely almost anywhere in the warm weather with a partner or your furry BFF.

striped yellow and blue double hammock outside


Promising review: "It's beautiful in person. I wanted the boho style, and I sure did get it. It was super easy to put together. Amazing find for the price." —Stephanie

Price: $139.99+ (originally $169.97+; available in 14 colors)

21. A set of ice trays because it's time to break out the cocktail and mocktail recipes, and you can't do that without having proper ice cubes. These make 30 cubes, enough for your next spring happy hour or get-together.

a set of green and blue ice trays


Promising review: "Stacks nicely, easy to remove the ice, and the ice is in adorable perfect squares — great for any drink or water bottles that have a smaller opening. The silicone color and design is super chic as well! All around great product." —Walmart reviewer

Price: $8.97 for a 2-pack

22. An indoor/outdoor grill with 15 settings for cooking burgers, kebobs, and anything else you want to eat with that delicious smoky flavor. You can use it outdoors, as well as bring it inside if the weather doesn't cooperate.

silver indoor/outdoor George Foreman grill


Promising review: "I love this grill. Easy to assemble, too. Works perfect. Clean up is easy and quick. I have had other electric grills, and I love that this is just the right size and can come apart for easy storage during winter. I've cooked burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and even thick bone-in pork chops. All came out wonderful. You can't miss with this grill. Another great product by George Foreman." —Fifi2008

Price: $84.94 (originally $99.99)

23. A welcoming doormat that will say hello to all your friends and family that come over to visit now that everyone is out and about. Plus, it will give them a place to wipe their feet before dragging any mud into your house.

coir doormat with green hello


Promising review: "As pictured...cute, durable, and fits the outside of the door perfectly!" —Loranna

Price: $18.89+ (available in two sizes and six colors)

24. A rainbow umbrella because you never know when spring showers will unexpectedly hit. But if and when they do, you'll be prepared with your own personal rainbow.

rainbow colored umbrella


Promising review: "Love how with a click of a button, it opens or closes automatically! Also, a really nice size even though it's a smaller umbrella! The inside colors of the sky are so attractive! After my first purchase, I ordered another one!" —Ruth

Price: $20.99 (available in seven colors)

25. A bag of potting mix to help you get a jumpstart on your garden or greenery collection, whether you're growing plants, flowers, or fresh herbs.

bag of miracle gro potting mix


Promising review: "Best potting soil ever!! Re-potted our new hibiscus and watered it, and two days later, we had seven new blooms on one plant. Unbelievable!!" —Wanda

Price: $8.97+ (originally $10.47+; available in three sizes)

26. A Swiffer extendable duster because you already have to deal with pollen, you don't need to deal with extra dust in your house. It has a three-foot extendable handle, which means you don't to have to precariously climb on any chairs to reach the high spots.

yellow swiffer extendable handle dusting kit


Promising review: "I love the wand, the length is adjustable, and not too short or too long for immediate surface dusting. It does a good job, and you can see from the condition of the head it is picking up dust, not just moving it around. This is working out great for me, and I am pleased I bought it." —ahappy65

Price: $9.84

27. A citronella candle to let you enjoy outdoor dining without having to deal with uninvited guests (aka bugs). It has a nice citron and mango scent and a trendy terrazzo votive to add a relaxing atmosphere.

citronella candle in a terrazo print votive


28. A rechargeable handheld fan you can toss into your bag so you always have a light breeze on demand. It has five different speeds and up to eight hours of runtime.

gray rechargeable handheld fan


Promising review: "This is just the neatest little personal fan! It takes no time to recharge, and with the five speed settings, it has a great range for moving air. You can hold it in your hand to take it with you or stand it upright. It can operate up to eight hours on a single charge depending on the fan speed you use. It's extremely quiet to operate so all you hear is the moving air." —marydeon

Price: $20.94

29. An exfoliating body brush to slough off all your dead winter skin so you can look radiant from head-to-toe this season.

model holding a round exfoliating brush


Promising review: "Effective dry brush! This dry brush has a fantastic grip and very strong bristles. I have used it for a couple of weeks now. It was very tough and scratchy at first (like all dry brushes), but it softens up perfectly with use. The size of the brush is perfect for the palm, and the strap makes it easy to grip. I also think the exfoliation has been beneficial [for] my skin." —HonestReviews

Price: $5.98

30. A portable cooler that'll hold cold, refreshing drinks for your next outing or adventure. It has a convenient shoulder strap that makes it easy to transport for a road or day trip.

model carrying a teal cooler with a shoulder strap


Promising review: "Love it, keeps things cold for a very long time." —gwendolyn

Price: $39.98 (originally $44.99)

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