A Look Back At Some Of Our Favourite Black TV Mums

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There are loads of things that make family TV a good watch. Whether it's a laugh track or just a hearty plot, we know chemistry when we see it, and a vital element of this is the on-screen mother. Grab a cuppa and chill as we look back at our favourite Black TV mums.

Rochelle Rock - Everybody Hates Chris

A caring but sharp matriarch, Rochelle Rock is not to be played with. Intuitive to a fault, there is very little Chris, Drew or Tonya can get past their mother. While she can be debated as a key antagonist as the show progresses, her pure intentions are always made known by the end of each episode.

Our favourite Rochelle moment: Julius finds a tenant for their spare room upstairs but Rochelle suspects he's creepy and wants him out. Shortly after they decide to evict him, in a classically triumphant moment for Rochelle, a SWAT team takes down the tenant, who is indeed a fugitive.

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Jay Kyle - My Wife & Kids

Jay Kyle is a fun, loving mum who (for the most part) supports her children, their ventures, and their dreams. Despite often being overpowered by her husband Michael's witty tricks and schemes, she remains driven and focused on her career and her kids.

Our favourite Jay moment: After realising their son Junior has gotten high, she and Michael mess with him by exaggerating behaviours to trip him further. From pretending to watch a blank television screen to speaking literal gibberish, the whole scene is comedy gold.

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Rainbow Johnson - Black-ish

A quirky and upbeat anaesthesiologist, Bow Johnson adds a splash of colour to the Black-ish household. Even when her husband Andre clowns her more nerdy side, she still embraces herself fully.

Our favourite Bow moment: In one of the more dramatic scenes of the series, Bow finally snaps at her mother-in-law, Ruby, after she switches her breast milk for formula, while knowing that she's dealing with post-natal depression. It was a long time coming and worth the wait.

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Beth Pearson - This Is Us

A balanced fictional mother if there ever was one, Beth is probably the fairest matriarch of all the Pearson households. Without Beth, not just her immediate family but the whole show would be filled with an anxious energy that wouldn't be too fun to watch.

Our favourite Beth moment: When she gets high with William and realises that Rebecca did indeed know him for the entirety of Randall's life. While it descends into more dramatic watching, the scene was both heart-warming and hilarious.

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Vivian Banks - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Last but certainly not least, we can't talk about iconic Black TV mums without mentioning the beloved Aunt Viv. A perceptive academic, Vivian made concerted efforts to keep her children informed and humble, and while this wasn't always successful (see: Hilary Banks) her attempts were appreciated.

Our favourite Aunt Viv moment: If you've watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you know there's only one right answer. Proving that it's never too late to pursue old dreams, Vivian shows off her amazing dance skills as she re-auditions for a show (and secures it) against much younger dancers.

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