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BeReal is being acquired and its CEO is stepping down

1 week ago 29
  • BeReal is acquired by Voodoo Games for 500 million euros.
  • The once-popular social media app struggled to grow and had limited runway left.
  • Co-founder and CEO Alexis Barreyat will leave BeReal after a transition period.

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BeReal is being acquired.

The startup social media app, which soared in popularity during the height of the pandemic and struggled to find long-term footing with users, has been purchased by Voodoo Games.

Voodoo, a French gaming company, said it valued BeReal at 500 million euros.

Business Insider first reported that BeReal was looking to be acquired. The company was struggling to grow user numbers and had less than a year of runway left from previous rounds of funding.

As part of the sale to Voodoo, BeReal co-founder and CEO Alexis Barreyat is leaving the company after a transition period.

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