Indonesians seeking climate justice take aim at Swiss concrete giant

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Sitting near a wall of stacked rocks, fisherman Mustagfirin looks out to sea from the tiny Indonesian island of Pari, wondering whether his home will exist for much longer.

His battered wooden boat is anchored just offshore, where trees and statues that were once on the beach now sit partially submerged about 40 kilometres (25 miles) north of the capital Jakarta.

"I am very saddened and terrified knowing in the next 10 or 20 years Pari island might disappear," the 52-year-old told AFP.

Environmentalists have said most of the 42-hectare (103-acre) island could sink by 2050 because of rising sea levels.

The island's residents are seeking justice, and last month sued Swiss cement giant Holcim over its emissions.

They allege the world's largest cement firm is responsible for climate-related loss and damages in a case that could be a landmark for plaintiffs from developing countries who take on industrial giants.

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