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Chihuahua Owner Can't Finish Sentence Before Puppy Explodes With Excitement

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The internet has fallen head-over-heels in love with a tiny Chihuahua's incredibly excited reaction to going on a walk.

Basil the Chihuahua lives in Northumberland, United Kingdom, with his owners, who have dedicated an entire TikTok account, @basil_chihuahua, to his antics.

One new video of the fluffy, fawn pup has gone massively viral since being shared on May 30, racking up close to one million likes and over 5.5 million views—and is even changing people's perspectives on the breed as a whole.

In the clip, Basil's owners chime in, very slowly asking the dog: "Do you..." with Basil immediately letting out a bark that sounds like a duck's quack and bolting around the room in excitement.

The pup then jumps back on the sofa and bounces off both his owners before watching them expectantly. As they begin to say "walk" in an extremely slow voice, Basil then squeaks with excitement and takes off, spinning around the room once more.

"Are you coming with us?" his owner asks, as Basil squeaks and spins in a circle, giving them their answer.

Basil's unique sounds and incredibly excited demeanor have made him a sweetheart in the eyes of thousands of TikTok users who flocked to the video. One even revealed, "I don't usually like this dog breed, but I think this video changed my mind."

Another agreed: "I don't normally love Chihuahuas but he is brilliant! His little bops over you both!"

Other TikTok users pointed out his quirky bark, with one putting it in all caps: "IT QUACKS," and another simply leaving a duck emoji.

Several commenters asked whether the long-haired chihuahua was mixed with a pomeranian or papillon, but his owner assured those asking that he was all Chihuahua.

The breed has two coat types: smooth and long-haired. The only real difference between the two is the amount of grooming needed rather than any personality traits.

Chihuahua walk
Basil's squeaky bark and excited movements made him a social media star. Some even declared it had changed their perception about Chihuahuas. TikTok @basil_chihuahua

Purina describes the Chihuahua as a chatty and vocal dog that enjoys active walks and can bond closely with one or two owners.

Curious, lively and affectionate, Chihuahuas may not take as kindly to strangers, which may negatively affect some people's perception of them as a breed.

Basil's owners shared the clip along with the caption: "The pre walkies crazys keeping us entertained on the daily."

They also wrote on the video: "Stick with it, he gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on."

Newsweek has reached out to @basil_chihuahua via TikTok for comment

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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