Donald Explains Drill Where It Appeared He Choked Teammate

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Last week, an Aaron Donald drill went viral, appearing to show the Rams defensive lineman choking another defensive lineman while pushing him back. It was a strange drill that confused many fans.

Now, we have a better understanding of why Donald likes doing the drill. Donald explained to former wide receiver Brandon Marshall what the point of that was.

“That’s a technique,” he said. “I’m closing my A-gap. That’s the guard, I’m closing that A-gap so [the running back] can’t cut back, they’ll cut to me.”

Donald has cemented himself as arguably the best defensive player in the league, so any technique he uses to get better probably works.

In this case, though, the drill seemed to come at the expense of rookie defensive lineman Elijah Garcia, who had to stick his neck out there for Donald, literally.

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Donald’s resume speaks for itself with three defensive player of the year awards, a defensive rookie of the year award and a pro bowl appearance in each of his eight seasons in the NFL. So, whatever Donald is doing to get better, it’s working.

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