Modric and Kroos are Real Madrid's ageless wonders

6 days ago 30

10:12 AM ET

  • Sid LoweSpain writer

Two old guys sit on a bench and quietly watch the world go by. They're tired, their bodies ache, but it's okay: they're happy. They've done their bit, their work here done, rest well-earned. Let someone else have a go. The kids play in front of them. A pair for as long anyone can remember, always seen together, virtually inseparable, they've lived a million battles. So many stories to tell, all those good times. Not that they need tell them, nor say a word: they just know. So they sit in silence. Until, eventually, Toni and Luka get up and go home.

They'll be back. Not on here, out there.

There's a love...

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