Rachel Bilson And Whitney Cummings Couldn't Orgasm From Sex Until Their Late-30s, And They Talked About What Happened

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Rachel revealed the fact on Whitney's podcast, and the pair bonded over their shared separate experiences.

And you know comedian Whitney Cummings.

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OK, so: Rachel has a podcast called Broad Ideas, and Whitney was a guest on a recent episode.

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As the two talked, the conversation turned to sex. "Now that I'm not on birth control, my sex drive...by the way, I'm going to say this wild thing," Whitney said.

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"To say: I have not had an orgasm from sex until I went off birth control."

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Whitney elaborated that she wasn't able to orgasm from sexual intercourse until she turned 40 — although she was able to "with my hands."

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That's when Rachel revealed that she, too, had almost the exact same experience.

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"I was the same as you," she said. "It didn't happen for me until I was about 38. Isn't that crazy?"

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Rachel also specified that she was able to achieve an orgasm on her own, but not, in her own words, "with a dick inside."

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There you have it. You can listen to the entire episode here.

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