27 Products From Target That Will Make You Feel Like You Have A Brand New Kitchen

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The kitchen is about the be your favorite room in the house.

1. A pack of peel-and-stick backsplash tiles to bring new life to your cooking space with minimal work. Each pack comes with four tiles, so you'll need to buy a few sets, but you'll still be spending way less money than if you got the tiles grouted professionally. And they're heat and humidity resistant!

Grey backsplash tiles behind a stove


Promising review: "I bought these to put over the existing tile backsplash in my kitchen and they look fantastic. I love that these are water and heat-resistant. They were easy to put on top of the existing tile and unless you look very closely, you cannot tell these are added on top of existing tiles. I would purchase these again if I ever want to cover tile without the headache of redoing tiles." —JWelLar 

Price: $24.99

2. A wireless dimmable LED under-cabinet light that comes with a remote so you can illuminate your prep space while making your kitchen look like it should be the set of a cooking show!

A kitchen with a counter top illuminated by under cabinet lights


Promising review: "These lights are amazing! They’re super easy to install and they are very bright! I used them under my cabinet in my kitchen so that I could have more lighting on the counter when I am baking and these work perfectly. I also love the handy remote! I highly recommend!" —Jaza96

Price: $14.99

3. An almond-scented wood cleaning spray to keep your wooden countertops and cabinets shiny and new-looking. Plus, it's made with cruelty-free plant-based ingredients and smells incredible.

A bottle of wood cleaner on a wooden table


Promising review: "Favorite wood cleaner. Love the fresh almond scent. Plus it’s environmentally friendly." —MarkysGirl05

Price: $6.99

4. An adjustable three-shelf water bottle organizer because some of us have a fleet of emotional support water bottlers and are sick of having them shoved in the back of the cabinet, never to be seen again.

A hand sticking a water bottle onto a white shelf holding other water bottles


Promising review: "Compact, holds many bottles, lightweight, and easy instructions!" —mkpage 

Price: $24.99

5. A can of stainless steel cleaner and polisher to get rid of all the grime, water marks, fingerprints, and residue left behind on your appliances. You can also use it on black steel because it leaves a protective barrier to prevent smudges.

A can on steel cleaner on a counter


Promising review: "I have purchased this so many times, will never use anything else on my appliances. Very happy with it." —MSPOVA 

Price: $6.29

6. A pack of reusable wipes so that you can cut down on your paper towel spending and waste. Friendly to your wallet and the environment! We love it!

A hand wiping a surface with a blue and wipe rag


Promising review: "This is what I use to wash dishes. Love them! Sponges hold onto bacteria and get moldy quick — these are the way to go." —GinaMarie 

Price: $2.69

7. A steam mop that can sanitize and clean hard floor surfaces by using steam alone — no harsh chemicals needed! And it can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria! Clean freaks (such as myself) rejoice!

A steam mop on a wood floor


Promising review: "Should have bought this sooner! I am a clean freak — constantly cleaning my floors. I bought this to use as it is safer for my fur babies. When I tell you I was shocked by how much dirt was being left behind, it worked wonders on my tile in my kitchen and bathroom and I could see a visible difference. The scent ring/scent is a great feature, too! 100% recommend!" —A99

Price: $102.99

8. A spray bottle of lemon-scented multi-surface disinfectant spray that is the only product I use to clean my kitchen — and I swear it works wonders. Bonus: It smells so glorious.

A person in a blue shirt using a yellow surface spray


Promising review: "Out of all the Windex sprays, this one is my favorite!! I have a glass kitchen table and it cleans my table, disinfects it, and leaves zero streaks, leaving it shiny and new. I also use this on my quartz kitchen countertops and island and it does a great job disinfecting and cleaning there too without harming the stone. I truly use this spray to clean pretty much every surface (except wood) and it leaves behind no stickiness or residue. Love love love this!" —dlall3

Price: $4.39

9. An adorable apron featuring a colorful lemon pattern because you deserve to feel like a professional chef on your own cooking show in your kitchen — even if your signature dish is canned soup and toast.

A white apron with a lemon pattern on it


Promising review: "Cloth is thick, the adjustable neck is very nice, pattern is cute." —Anonymous 

Price: $15

10. A roll of nonadhesive Con-Tact paper that has grips on the bottom, so it won't peel off. This is ideal if you're looking for an easy way to update your weathered kitchen drawers or cabinets without breaking the bank!

A drawer lines with grey and white paper with dishes in it


Promising review: "Nice-looking cabinet liners. Has a decent grip. Putting this in my cabinets and drawers really improved the look and function of my space." —Chelsea 

Price: $5.99

11. An eight-pack of garbage disposal cleaner pouches, because you're tired of wondering what that weird smell is coming from your sink every time you walk into your kitchen. Simply place one of the packets in the disposal and turn it on to get rid of nasty food chunks and lingering odors.

A box of garbage disposal packs on a counter next to a sink


Promising review: "Love this stuff!! It quickly gets rid of any stinky odor left in the garbage disposal after doing dishes and is very easy to use. I have constantly purchased these many times and will continue to do so." —Linds 

Price: $10.49

12. A can of fume-free oven cleaner to help get rid of stubborn messes that have somehow fused to the inside of your oven. All you gotta do is spray, wait a few seconds, and wipe.

A hand using a yellow sponge behind a can of oven cleaner


Promising review: "Cleaned hard stains that I’ve been trying to clean multiple times. No fumes. It’s a miracle!" —Ak 

Price: $6.49

13. A wall-mounted wood storage rack with five hanging hooks, so you can save some precious cabinet space by hanging your pots, pans and utensils.

A wooden wall mount hook rack with pans hanging from it


Price: $42.99 (available in five finishes) 

14. A grout and tile scrub brush with a curved handle so you can really get down and dirty when you're cleaning tiled surfaces. All you need is your favorite cleaning product and this nifty gadget to bring your tiles back from the brink of total filth.

Two green and bamboo tile scrub brushes


Promising review: "Very sturdy brush. Sturdy enough to scrub walls and concrete floors. I purchased another to use in my bathroom." —Cleaning Bee

Price: $9.79

15. A plastic caddy to keep all your cleaning supplies organized under your sink rather than throwing everything in there haphazardly and then being frustrated when you can't find what you're looking for when you accidentally drop a pot of chili and need to clean it up ASAP.

Target, NBC

Promising review: "This is nice and lightweight making carrying lots of cleaners around a breeze! The handle is comfortable for carrying and it makes storing these cleaners look nice and organized!!" —Sam

Price: $11

16. A four-pack of Scrub Daddy sponges that become harder in cold water for tough scrubbing and softer in warm water for light cleaning. And all you need to do to sanitize your Sponge Daddy is pop it in the microwave! Easy peasy spongey squeezy!

A box of sponge daddy sponges on a counter next to four sponges


Promising review: "These are the absolute best sponges for dishes! Trust me, just try them and you'll understand!" —Verified User 

Price: $5.89

17. A fluted glass soap dispenser to make it feel like you're staying at a chic Airbnb while you're doing the dishes. You could also use it for hand soap or detergent!

A green soap dispenser


Promising review: "This is such a cute soap dispenser! I definitely recommend buying this!" —KL 

Price: $15

18. A dishwasher cleaner because sometimes the very thing that is supposed to be cleaning your dishes is actually making them dirtier. This helps remove limescale and mineral buildup, so your dishwasher can live its best life and do what it was born to do.

A hand opening a container of dishwasher cleaner


Promising review: "I use this once a month. I find it more effective than other leading brands. The dishwasher gets daily use in our household. This really aids in keeping our dishwasher clean and odor free." —Girl Mom

Price: $5.99 

19. A 35-count of multisurface cleansing wipes, so you can quickly clean up messes without a fuss. Also, these are scented with essential oils, so you don't have to worry about any unpleasant fumes.

A yellow and green container of surface cleaning wipes


Promising review: "These wipes are awesome! They handle big and small messes. Cuts grease and grime and smell so pleasant not overpowering. I just had egg yolk from a broken egg leak in a bag and it took two wipes (it was a lot) and it soaked it up and cleaned it with ease. You must try these!" —CC

Price: $2.99

20. A microfiber mop and bucket system which features a built-in foot-pump wringer, allowing hands-free wringing. What's more, is that it can get rid of more than 99% of bacteria just with water AND the mop head is machine washable!

a foot stepping on the foot pump wringer


Promising review: "My niece bought this for me months ago and I just used it. Absolute game changer. Cut down my usual mopping time in half. Much larger surface area than my other mop and much easier to detach and reattach after washing." —MTown Girl 

Price: $38.49

21. A magnetic white and cork board that you can mount without a drill, so you can easily write down recipes, grocery orders, or to-do lists. Plus, it comes with pushpins, dry-erase markers, and magnets, so you'll be ready to use it right out of the package!

A dry erase board next to a measuring cup and a jar with two wooden spoons in it


Promising review: "Easy install! We purchased two of these: one for our daughter (at her height) so she can practice her writing and so she can showcase her daily artwork from school. The other one is used for grocery lists and reminders for hubby and me." —christegio 

Price: $14.99

22. A soap-dispensing dish brush so you can save space on your kitchen counter and speed up the dishwashing process. All you have to do is fill the dispenser with liquid soap, press the button on the top, and get to scrubbing!

A hand scrubbing a pan with a soap dispenser brush


Promising review: "This is the best dish brush that we have used and don’t plan to ever use anything else! Scrubs well and makes cleaning pots and pans easy. I love that it holds dish soap and has the holder, making the sink area more neat and clean." —Sabc12

Price: $14.99

23. A box of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that are quite literally sorcery. All you need is some water and these miracle sponges will wipe away grease, debris, and even marks you thought you'd never get rid of (like that "mural" your toddler decided to draw on the wall).

A white sponge wiping away crayon


Promising review: "I have been trying to get the brown hard water stains out of my bathtub for years and about gave up. We were at the point to either replace the tubs or paint them but I saw this online and thought I'd give it a try before we moved forward and they look brand-new now!!!!!" —Fanny 

Price: $11.39 for nine

24. A 40-pack of lemon stick-and-peel wall decals if you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen without committing to repainting or wallpaper. Plus, they come off super easily, so they're great for renters, too!

A white wall covered in lemon decals behind a sink


Promising review: "Perfectly lemon colored, easy to reposition. I maybe used 20% of the sheet, I'm going to continue them around the kitchen." —Leya 

Price: $18.99

25. A two-pack of colorful oven mitts made of 100% durable heat-resistant cotton because we have burnt ourselves one too many times trying to take a pizza out of the oven just using a rag or spatula.

Two yellow oven mitts by a tray of cookies


Promising review: "You can't go wrong with KitchenAid. These were purchased to replace the oven mitts that we've had for several years and were definitely showing their age. Washed and dried before using — did well in the washer and dryer, no shrinkage. Great purchase!!!" —Becca 

Price: $14.99 (available in seven colors) 

26. A handheld label maker so you can actually know what's in every drawer rather than endlessly digging for that one pot you're looking for. This gadget is also great for labeling spices, cleaners, and food storage containers. Organizers, it's time to celebrate!

A blue label maker in its package


Promising review: "This item was a must for organizing my kids playroom. Labels are easy to print, multiple fonts, and size options. I also think my kids love it more than I do. They have labeled everything. Such a durable item, easy to use, and fantastic price!" —Verified Purchaser 

Price: $20.99

27. And last but not least, a five-piece Swiffer duster kit with an extendable handle, because let's face it, you've never cleaned the top of your cabinets, and there is now a whole ecosystem living up there that needs to be taken care of.

A yellow duster on a window sill by a plant


Promising review: "Very useful tool. Helped me to reach the high corners and top of the 10-foot bookcase to get cleaning!!" —Sam 

Price: $17.69

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