Hawley: Biden SCOTUS Pick Ketanji Brown Jackson Has Pattern of 'Treating Sex Offenders Leniently'

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Thursday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said there was a pattern of President Joe Biden’s pick to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court Ketanji Brown Jackson of treating sex offenders leniently.

The Missouri Republican said Brown had not addressed the topic and that he and his colleagues would seek answers.

“Well, what I found, Sean, is a pattern here of treating sex offenders leniently, those who have gone after children,” Hawley said. “And I think we just have a basic question to ask, are we going to get a judge here who’s going to protect children or who’s going to protect child predators? It’s a simple question. It’s one I think that every parent in America would like answered, but it’s one that the White House doesn’t want to answer.”

“And so far, Judge Jackson doesn’t want to answer it,” he continued. “Total radio silence from her. And if you look at her record, what you see is this is someone who has consistently let sex predators, child sex predators, off the hook. For people who have been convicted of child porn offenses, she’s consistently given them lenient sentences, slaps on the wrist.”

“This is someone who has raised the question whether sex offender registries are unconstitutional, whether notifying parents when there’s a sex offender in the area is unconstitutional,” Hawley added. “She suggested all of that. I mean, this is very troubling. We need to get the answers.”

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