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'House Pet' Desperately Tries to Help Working Dogs Herd Sheep—It Backfires

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A house dog's attempt to help herd the sheep into the shearing shed did not go as planned, but thankfully the working dogs came to the rescue.

Owner Amelia Bruggy wanted to bring Spec, a bull terrier and red heeler mix, along for the day, something she does often. Spec used to be a working dog, but unfortunately she had an accident when a horse kicked her and caused brain damage, Bruggy told Newsweek.

Because of her injuries, she cannot be retrained as a working dog, but Bruggy happily brings her along so Spec can pretend she's on the payroll.

"She still loves to come to work so I take her as much as possible, but she can get confused easily and spend too much time trying to play with the sheep instead of moving them where they need to go," Bruggy said. "She sometimes gets confused and thinks she's a sheep, or sheep are dogs."

In the May 19 TikTok video posted to the account @amelia.bruggy, Spec is seen joining in for a day of loading the shearing shed. As Bruggy was loading the shed, she looked back, laughing and shaking her head, as Spec ran under the sheep's legs. She was having the time of her life. But then Brugg had to send in Lexi, her Australian koolie and kelpie mix, to help Spec, who was stuck between the gate and the sheep.

Out of nowhere, Lexi hopped onto the backs of the sheep and ran to the back of the herd. She started bossing them around to get them into the shed and to get Spec out. Within seconds, they skedaddled. Spec was free, only to jump right back in to "help."

The caption reads: "Not sure what I was thinking letting the house pet pretend to help load the shearing shed."

Dogs helping with herding sheep
Screenshots from a May 19 TikTok video show dogs during a herding of sheep. The house pet Spec, left, tried his best to help, but the working dogs like Lexi, right, needed to come to... @amelia.bruggy/TikTok

Just as quickly as Spec was saved, she was back under the sheep again, Bruggy said. However, the owner couldn't fault her. Spec was having a blast playing. If things were going to get serious or work needed to be done quickly, Bruggy would place Spec in a separate pen where she wouldn't get in the way.

"Everyone has their own spot in our team, and we all know what each other can bring to the table," Bruggy said. "Spec normally bringing the laughs."

Viewer Reactions

The TikTok video quickly went viral, bringing in over 7.6 million views, 603,300 likes and 1,795 comments. Viewers were left laughing at the poor house dog's face when the plan didn't go quite in his favor.

"Idk what I was expecting but it sure wasn't seeing a dog go crowd-surfing over the sheep," said one user. A second added: "House pet identified."

Another wrote what the dog was thinking: "Mum it appears I have attended the wrong party."

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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