If You Have A Strong Stomach, I Give You The Go-Ahead To Look At These 19 Photos

1 week ago 30

1. This person's X-ray of their broken back:

2. And this mysterious rash that appeared on someone else's back:

3. This sweat stain from a fever:

4. This inevitable soup explosion (who does this?!):

5. This person's skin reaction to watches:

6. This maggot inside someone's earbud:

7. This medical emergency:

8. This biker's teeny tiny scrape:

9. This ball of dead skin someone made from rubbing their hands together quickly:

10. This person's psoriasis scalp scrapings:

11. This deadly piece of hail:

12. This tower made of chewing tobacco and cigarette butts:

13. This TMI from a butcher:

15. This grandma's ancient brush:

16. This bug that a doctor pulled out of a patient's ear:

17. These testicle earrings:

18. This bug in someone's eye:

19. And finally, this microwaved banana:

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