Jason Momoa Fought to Keep Amber Heard in 'Aquaman 2' Says Consultant

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Depp vs. Heard Jason Momoa Wanted Amber in 'Aquaman 2' ... Testimony Continues

5/23/2022 3:38 PM PT

While Amber Heard may be at war with one Hollywood heavyweight, another had her back, at least professionally ... because according to testimony, Jason Momoa allegedly fought to keep her in "Aquaman 2"

Neither Johnny nor Amber took the stand Monday, but entertainment consultant Kathryn Arnold was called to talk about Heard's mark in the industry. At one point, Amber's attorney began asking about her role in "Aquaman 2."

As you may know, it was reported Amber's role was significantly cut in the film, but Arnold says there was some question as to whether or not she'd even be in the film at all.

Arnold says both Momoa and the film's director, James Wan, were both "adamant" she be included in the movie. She testified back in February 2021, there were conversations that Amber may not be hired for the movie at all ... but the two showed their support for her.

Another interesting tidbit about Momoa ... Arnold says he re-negotiated his contract from making about $3-4M for the first "Aquaman" to about $15M for the second installment.


It was reported Amber's side may call Johnny back onto the stand this week, but there's been conflicting info ... and it may not happen at all. Per usual, it was pandemonium outside the Virginia courthouse when things wrapped, both sides will be back at it Tuesday.

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