Jayson Tatum’s Son Had Adorable Reaction to His Blocked Shot

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Celtics star Jayson Tatum showed up to a youth basketball camp this week with his four-year-old son Deuce.

The young Tatum ran close to the net, without dribbling, and got ready to make his shot with the mini basketball. His dad stood right behind him ready to play defense.

Right when Deuce threw up the ball, the 6’8” NBA star swatted the ball in the air far from the net. The crowd yelled in unison in reaction to the move.

Deuce appeared stunned after his dad’s block. The ball did travel far thanks to Tatum’s effort. It makes you wonder what the father–son duo’s one-on-one games look like at home.

This isn’t the first time this offseason that Tatum has schooled young basketball players when it comes to blocking. Just last week, the forward showed up to a youth basketball camp near Boston and played one-on-one with some of the campers.

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During that camp, the 24-year-old at least let some of the campers attempt shots before blocking them. With his own son, it appears, he didn’t give him any sort of chance to make a basket.

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