Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Family for Years of Kanye's Attacks

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Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Family for Way Kanye Treated Them

5/26/2022 6:39 AM PT


Kim Kardashian will no longer try and protect Kanye West when he bashes her family ... apologizing to them in a serious heart-to-heart for years of attacks.

On the latest episode of "The Kardashians" -- Kim's sitting with her family when she learns Kanye's got a new song coming out -- and assumes it'll do nothing but bash her.

Khloe, clearly agitated, let's Kim know it's pathetic any man would publicly diss the mother of his children the way Kanye has ... and it leads to a bigger chat about his conduct with her family.

In a sit-down at Kim's kitchen table with Kourtney, Kendall, Khloe, Kris, Travis Barker and Corey Gamble you can see Kim's change from a protector of Kanye to a defender of her family. She let's her sisters know she'll no longer put up with Kanye's public attacks ... and she feels stronger as a person than she's ever felt before.

Kris adds, "When people are saying disparaging things about any of us, it hurts all of us." She also mentions that one day Kim's 4 kids she has with Kanye are going to grow up and read everything he's said about the family.

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It's not entirely clear which song Kim's referring to, but given the show's timing, you can assume it's called, "My Life Was Never Eazy" -- which he released with The Game in January.

In that song, Kanye took a direct shot at Pete Davidson, rapping, ""God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass."

Of course, in the past, Kanye's taken shots at Kim's family members too ... including Kris Jenner, who he referred to as "Kris Jong Un" in a series of tweets going after Kim and her family.

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