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‘Load Up,’ Says Goldman Sachs About These 2 Strong Buy Stocks

1 week ago 18

Stock picking is going to get a bit more difficult in the near term, if the word coming out of Goldman Sachs is accurate. The firm’s strategist, Peter Oppenheimer, sees a combination of rising bond yields and high stock valuations working together to tighten up overall gains in the equity markets.

“The faster any rise in yields, the bigger the impact on equities,” Oppenheimer says, and adds, “Given the valuation of equities, it’s going to be a speed bump.”

But even with the stock rally looking at a possible shift to lateral movement, there are still paths forward. Oppenheimer notes, “Diversification is the opportunity that investors have in a flatter market environment.”

Diversification is a common strategy for a more careful approach to portfolio management, and while Oppenheimer is advocating that sort of caution, his colleagues among the Goldman stock analysts are busy selecting stocks where they see solid pot...

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