Marjorie Taylor Greene Predicts Huge Win for Donald Trump if He's Indicted

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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene has said Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential election in a landslide if he is indicted.
  • This prediction comes after speculation that Trump could face criminal indictment by prosecutors in New York.
  • Trump's lawyer has said he will surrender to face criminal charges if he is indicted.

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has said former President Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential election in a "landslide" if he is indicted.

A video of Greene making the prediction had been viewed more than 100,000 times as of Saturday morning after it was shared to Twitter on Friday by PatriotTakes, which describes itself as researchers "monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism."

There has been growing speculation that the former president could be facing criminal indictment by prosecutors in New York in relation to an alleged hush money payment made by Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen to adult film actor Stormy Daniels.

Greene told Lindell TV: "If they indict President Trump on fake charges, to go after him to try to stop the movement that they cannot stop, he is going to win 2024 in a landslide victory and then we'll put him in the White House and he will finish what he started.

"We will gut the government of all the traitors that are serving the globalists and America last," Greene added.

The former president's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, has said that Trump will surrender to face criminal charges if he is indicted in New York where the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has been investigating a $130,000 reimbursement to Cohen for a payment made to Daniels before the 2016 presidential election.

Trump's company recorded that reimbursement as legal expenses and it is against state law in New York for companies to misclassify the nature of expenses. Such a misclassification can lead to a misdemeanor charge but that can be upgraded to a felony if the misstatement took place in order to cover up another crime.

Cohen testified before a grand jury for two days this week and his testimony is viewed as key evidence in the case, as he previously pleaded guilty to campaign finance charges after helping to arrange the payments.

Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006 and met with New York prosecutors on Wednesday as part of the investigation into the $130,000 she was paid by Cohen to keep the alleged affair a secret ahead of the 2016 Election.

Trump has denied having sex with Daniels, as well as strongly criticizing the probe.

In a statement on Thursday, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said: "Democrats have investigated and attacked President Trump since before he was elected — and they've failed every time."

Law enforcement officials in New York are making security preparations in the event that an indictment is brought against Trump, according to an Associated Press (AP) report on Friday.

Former U.S. Attorney Gene Rossi told Newsweek on Tuesday: "I think the chances of President Trump being indicted are very good" and that prosecutors could present an indictment to the grand jury later this month.

"Cohen is in the vortex of this conspiracy to violate the election laws," Rossi said. "If you go to guilty plea that he entered in August 2018, President Trump was listed as unindicted conspirator, and at that hearing, Michael Cohen said he was directed by the president to hide the payments to Stormy Daniels."

Newsweek has reached out to former President Trump's office for comment via email.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Attends a Committee Meeting
U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) participates in a meeting of the House Oversight and Reform Committee in the Rayburn House Office Building on January 31, 2023 in Washington, DC. Greene has said former President Donald Trump would win in a landslide in 2024 if he faces indictment. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
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