Lil Nas X Apologizes to Trans Community for 'Transitioning' Joke

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Lil Nas X Sorry, Trans Community ... 'Transitioning' Joke a Lil Too Far!!!

3/14/2023 3:13 PM PT

Lil Nas X is known to crack jokes online, but even the "Old Town Road" rapper knew his joke about transitioning crossed a line ... so he's issuing an apology.

LNX had originally posted a photo of social medial influencer Glow Princess, and quipped “the surgery was a success" ... causing many clueless fans to believe he'd actually undergone a gender-changing procedure. 😬

When fans in the know began firing off angry tweet after angry tweet, Lil Nas owned up to his blunder.

He responded ... “Apologies to the trans community i def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool ... much love to you guys. sorry."

What's odd about his original tweet is ... Lil Nas X endured plenty of offensive tweets himself when he came out as gay. So, you'd think he'd be the last person to make a trans joke -- but looks like a case of lesson learned.

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