‘Gangster’ bird sent 8-foot alligator scrambling back to pond, Florida video shows

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One of Florida’s notoriously pushy sandhill cranes has achieved “gangster” status on social media, after it was recorded sending an 8-foot alligator running for the nearest body of water.

The scene played out Friday, March 10, between two neighborhood ponds in Sarasota and was caught on video by Laura Akin.

It shows the alligator was of a mind to leave the water when it encountered an intimidating sandhill crane, with its wings spread in defiance.

The alligator wasn’t intimidated — at least at first — and is seen crawling to within a few feet of the crane and plopping down in the grass.

That’s when things got awkward. The two spend the next minute glaring at each other, neither backing down nor moving forward.

Then, as if reacting to some whispered threat, the alligator...

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