Mazi Smith talks NFL Draft prep and the 2023 Michigan defense

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Mazi Smith spoke after the recent Michigan Pro Day and touched on a range of topics as he prepares for the NFL Draft.

Smith was invited to the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis but did not compete in any of the drills except for the bench press, where he happened to post the highest mark with 34 reps.

Smith clarified why he was unable to compete in the drills.

"Little tweaks," Smith said. "You start training like a track star, big fella. I'm good at football, I don't know 100-meter sprint."

Smith did get a chance to speak with NFL teams at the combine and said he isn't looking to tell them anything about his game.

"I'm trying to listen to what they say," Smith said. "what they see, what I need to work. I'm really just trying to learn."

Smith's recent charges and eventual plea deal from a gun-related incident last year have come up during the process. Smith says he understands and has nothing to hide.

"I tell them the truth. They're abo...

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