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The 2022 NBA Eastern Conference finals have been reduced to something like a war of attrition, both teams looking to survive the series as much as they seem to be trying to win it, and on Wednesday night, the Boston Celtics came out on top of the Miami Heat in a banged-up, defensive masterpiece that saw the Celtics come away with a 93-80 victory earned as much as by their fortitude as their second-half offensive renaissance.

Boston now heads back to TD Garden for Game 6 with a 3-2 series lead, in command of their fortunes completely for the first time since the start of the East finals, one win away from a 2022 NBA Finals in a matchup with the winners of the Golden State Warriors – Dallas Mavericks Western Conference finals series currently underway.

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Let’s take a look at what NBA and Celtics Twitter had to say about Boston’s pivotal Game 5 win.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Derrick White wore a Purple Rain shirt into the arena tonight

— Max Lederman (@Max_Lederman) May 25, 2022

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

— Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) May 26, 2022

Decided I'm just gonna tell myself that these are 9 p.m. tipoffs that are starting early

— Adam Himmelsbach (@AdamHimmelsbach) May 26, 2022

First round

PJ Tucker is just mashing on the glass early. Not sure what happened, but Marcus Smart appeared to hurt something in his right arm. I think his shoulder.

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) May 26, 2022

Jayson’s shoulder… f*ck. Please please please be okay.

— Anna Horford (@AnnaHorford) May 26, 2022

Smart is moving well enough to contribute, but he’s clearly not at full strength. Having some trouble getting around ball screens (which he is great at healthy). Something to keep an eye on.

— Greg Brueck-Cassoli (@GregCassoli) May 26, 2022

Do we have another “salad tongs for hands” game from Boston’s wings or will they clean their ballhandling stuff up?

— Anchorage Man (@SethPartnow) May 26, 2022

Keep being aggro, D-White.

— Dr. Justin Quinn (@justinquinnn) May 26, 2022

Second quarter

Four turnovers from Jaylen Brown in the first quarter. That's just not good enough.

— Greg Brueck-Cassoli (@GregCassoli) May 26, 2022

Celtics scoring a horrific 58.7 points per 100 possessions so far

— Brian Robb (@BrianTRobb) May 26, 2022

Is Jaylen suffering from an individual Space Jam situation

— Meghan Ottolini (@Meghan_Ottolini) May 26, 2022

If this continues, Ime Udoka is going to light this team up at halftime. They'll deserve it. Low energy. Sloppy turnovers. Miami would be up double digits if they could make shots at the rim.

— Chris Mannix (@SIChrisMannix) May 26, 2022

Do these players know they don’t have to shoot like Bob Cousy to win the Bob Cousy ECF MVP award? Although based on this start, maybe they do need Bill Russell to drag them to a win… @DarthAmin

— Zach Harper (@talkhoops) May 26, 2022

Jayson Tatum gets called for a charge, and again gets up holding his right arm and shoulder. This nerve issue is clearly giving him massive problems. He's barely even looking to shoot the ball.

— Tim Bontemps (@TimBontemps) May 26, 2022

Not attacking Duncan Robinson on every play is malpractice and an afront to everything Kemba Walker went through

— Cameron Tabatabaie (@CTabatabaie) May 26, 2022

Celtics have played absolutely horrific basketball and are only down five.

Unfortunately the Heat have played absolutely horrific basketball and are still up five.

— Ryan Bernardoni (@dangercart) May 26, 2022

Third quarter

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are 3-16 with 6 turnovers

The Celtics should be thrilled to only be down 5 at halftime

— Ryan McDonough (@McDNBA) May 26, 2022

Box out. Clear the boards. Ball security. Love n Trust

— Richard White (@RamblinWreck34) May 26, 2022

Fourth foul on Smart trying to take a late charge on Max Strus, not an intelligent play. #Celtics #Heat

— gary washburn (@GwashburnGlobe) May 26, 2022

Ime Udoka's halftime speech seems to have worked.

— Brian Robb (@BrianTRobb) May 26, 2022

Al is determined to be in the finals for his 36th birthday. C’mon Cs 💚

— Anna Horford (@AnnaHorford) May 26, 2022

More Horford please. Right now, the Heat don't have an answer for him within their switching defense.

— Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) May 26, 2022

Fourth quarter

Tatum and Brown hanging on to the ball that quarter makes it look about like I expected this series to look over all: a rock fight with a sizable edge to Boston via those two wing creators.

— Anchorage Man (@SethPartnow) May 26, 2022

Jaylen Brown is on some Jordan shit at the end of the 3rd.

Been Montell Jordan all game tho!

Carry the hell on…

— Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) May 26, 2022

Suddenly, Boston remembers how to ball at a very opportune moment

— Dr. Justin Quinn (@justinquinnn) May 26, 2022

Second game in a row where their miserable shooting makes it look better than is really possible to sustain, but this defense is simply the best I’ve seen since 2008 Celtics

— Ryan Bernardoni (@dangercart) May 26, 2022

the Celtics have turned this one into another rout with just a dominant second half

— matt eppers (@meppers_) May 26, 2022

Jaylen Brown read your Twitter comments at halftime

— JJ Redick (@jj_redick) May 26, 2022

Boston just has too many weapons

— Joel “Troel” Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) May 26, 2022

After an absurd drive and finish by Jaylen Brown, looks like this game is over and the Celtics will head back to Boston with a chance to finally make the Finals after falling short in the Conference Finals 3 times in the previous 5 years.

— Jared Weiss (@JaredWeissNBA) May 26, 2022

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