Nick Cannon Says He's Not Built for Marriage on 'It's Tricky' Podcast

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Nick Cannon I'm Not Built for Marriage!!! It'll Take a Lot to Try Again

5/24/2022 12:20 AM PT

Nick Cannon's done enough trial and error in relationships to know marriage just isn't for him -- but he's not completely closing the door on it happening again.

The "Wild 'N Out" creator and host sat down with the host of the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast, and gave her some insight into why his ex, Mariah Carey, will most likely be the only wife he ever has.

Nick says he's onto a new journey in life, one that doesn't include marrying any romantic partners. As he put it, he'd have to be "presented with something that I've never seen before" if he were to even consider another marriage.

So, technically, he's saying there's a chance -- but watch the clip, sounds like a pretty slim one. While Nick did tell Raq he loves all of his 8 children, he also said he's had enough experience to know tying the knot just isn't his thing.

As we've reported, Nick had a gender reveal, back in January, with Johnny Manziel's ex-wife, Bre Tiesi ... for his 8th child. While they appeared to be very much together, romantically, that's clearly not the case now.



Just a month prior, Nick shared the tragic news his 5-month-old son Zen, with model Alyssa Scott, died after a battle with cancer.

Zen was Nick's 7th-born child.

Four of Nick's kids were born within an 18-month span, so he's been busy.

Of course, Nick's only marital experience came in 2008 with Mariah, and they had twins before getting divorced in 2016.

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