Peter Pan's Arc in 'Rescue Rangers' Compared to Bobby Driscoll Tragedy

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'Rescue Rangers' Movie Pan's Arc Compared to Driscoll Tragedy Fans Pissed Over Disrespect

5/22/2022 11:22 AM PT

The new Chip and Dale movie finds an unlikely villain in adult Peter Pan -- an inside nod to the real-life tragedy of the actor who voiced him years ago ... which has pissed off fans.

BTW, spoilers are ahead ... so beware. Anyway, here's what's going on -- everyone's buzzing about the 'Rescue Rangers' flick on Disney+, which has been viewed by many as a spiritual sequel to 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' ... namely, in the fact that toons and humans unite.

There's tons of cameos -- most of which are very self-aware and "meta" -- but one, in particular, has gotten backlash ... the boy who never grows up turns out to be the big bad.

Pan describes why he turned evil to the main characters at one point, describing how the studio kicked him to the curb as he started to age and how he grew jaded. The disturbing thing -- to many, at least -- is that this plot accurately reflects Bobby Driscoll's own downfall.

Bobby Driscoll was the voice of Peter pan and one of Disney poster child before they basically threw him to the street when he reached puberty. He died at the age of thirty-one from drugs and misery. And in this movie, they do THAT. That's why I'll never watch this shitty movie.

— Sei sai 1751 (@1751Sei) May 20, 2022 @1751Sei

If you're unfamiliar, BD was a child star working with Disney a lot back in the '40/'50s -- he even played Peter in the classic animated hit, and is said to have served as the inspiration behind Pan's look -- but eventually parted ways with the studio and died young after falling into drugs and homelessness. He was even buried in a pauper's grave, unidentified.

Rumor has it ... Bobby himself was allegedly canned by Disney as soon as he hit puberty and was no longer desirable. At least that's the urban legend ... something Disney themselves seem to be alluding to and/or poking fun at with adult Pan in this new movie.

Well, the animated Peter Pan is a spitting image of the real life actor as a kid, and unless they did plastic surgery on a kid back in the 50's, I'd say the most likely explanation is that yes, Peter Pan's face is based on the actor who voiced him.

— ΔSimbab (@SimbabTheSailor) May 22, 2022 @SimbabTheSailor

Therein lies the controversy -- people think it's mad disrespectful to dip into Driscoll's story -- either intentionally or not -- for a few laughs and punchlines in this Mouse House movie.

While you could argue that this is Disney making fun of/criticizing their own alleged history when it comes to this dark lore ... others feel it's unwarranted territory to make a point, especially since Driscoll may have, in fact, spiraled as a result of how Disney treated him.

Aside from this seemingly cringeworthy reference, people are saying 'Rescue Rangers' is actually pretty damn good ... and a burst of nostalgia we haven't seen in a while.

That, or it's a cold and soulless IP dump/flex ... one or the other!

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