Sophie Cachia gives brutally honest relationship update after split with Maddie Garrick

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Sophie Cachia gives brutally honest relationship update after her split with basketballer ex-fiancée Maddie Garrick: 'I'm not going to tolerate half-a**ed love anymore'

  • Sophie Cachia has revealed she doesn't want a partner after breakup
  • The 32-year-old said she has everything she needs to make her happy
  • She added that she is sick of half-hearted efforts - and puts everything into love

By Belinda Cleary For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 22:13 EST, 24 January 2023 | Updated: 22:13 EST, 24 January 2023

Sophie Cachia has declared she will no longer 'tolerate half-a**ed love' following her  shock split from professional basketballer fiancée Madeleine Garrick.

The popular mummy blogger and business woman shared a video on Instagram where she listed her new standards and said she already 'has everything she needs to be happy' and doesn't 'need a partner'.

In the interview, which was hosted by the Mamamia network, the 32-year-old said when she loves someone she 'gives every part' admitting it could be her worst habit.

Sophie Cachia has revealed she doesn't want another relationship - after her engagement with Madeleine Garrick suddenly ended last year

Sophie, pictured with ex-fiance and partner of 18 months, Madeleine Garrick, said discovering her new sexuality at 27 was difficult

She said she also believes it to be 'a beautiful thing'.

And while she doesn't know what the future holds she reflected on her strength and resilience and said she has 'learned a lot out of this' referring loosely to the recent split.

'I already have everything I need in my life to be happy,' she said, referring to her children and career.

 She then revealed she doesn't even want a partner unless that person is going to 'complement' her life.

'I am really enjoying right now, for the first time in what feels like a very long time, that my energy is just mine,' she said.

'I am not going to tolerate halfa**ed love in my life anymore, I am just not going to do it,' she said.

The mother-of-two said she has everything she needs to be happy - and doesn't need a partner

The video was shot as a preview for her podcast with the network, Her.

The podcast shares its name with her novel - which walked her fans through her coming out process, which began when she was with her AFL-ex and the father of her two kids' Jaryd Cachia. 

Sophie has been documenting her breakup with Madeleine citing broken trust after she ended a holiday in Italy early and broke off her engagement.

The interview was to promote her new podcast 'Her'

In May Sophie said she was happier than she had ever been and proud to have been able to show her kids that hard choices are important

The mum has since tried to sell the ring which was made to represent her and her kids' love for the basketballer.

Before the sudden breakup Sophie had been 'counting down the sleeps' until she could see Maddie in Italy.

But the October getaway, which came just three months after their official engagement party, was cut short with the mum returning to Australia 'in tears'.

This event marked the end of their second attempt at a relationship.


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