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Touching Reason Why Dad, 72, Said 'Goodbye to Retirement'

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A devoted dad has been praised for forgoing retirement to help his daughter with her small business.

Niki Allworth, 40, owns a family-run jewelry business, Adornmonde, and her father, Mick, has been with her every step of the way.

Allworth told Newsweek her father is "the most kind, selfless, and genuine human," and TikTok users around the world are agreeing with her after a clip shared by Allworth to her account @adornmonde_usa went viral.

In the video, Mick can be seen sitting at a laptop working diligently as text appears on the screen:

"POV: Your daughter starts a business selling tiny earrings that you never need to take out of your ears, and suddenly, you've said goodbye to retirement, you've got a job you didn't want and one that [you] haven't taken leave from in the last 6 years."

Allworth added in the caption: "And the award for employee of the month goes to..."

Dad works for daughter
Niki Allworth shared a video of her 72-year-old father working hard to help her business grow. Mick has been showered with praise online as the clip went viral. TikTok @adornmonde_usa

Since being shared on April 28, the video has racked up over 123,000 likes. Hundreds have flocked to the comments to praise Mick, with one person writing: "The world is full of endless possibilities when you've got a good dad."

"Alright we gotta protect your daddio at all costs, this is so cute," another person said, with one commenter calling the dad's devotion "his love language."

A TikToker congratulated Allworth on the success of her business, but added: "Maybe someone needs a little get away just to recharge the batteries, as much as they love to help."

Allworth agreed that her father can be "overwhelmed" by his busy schedule, but even when she encourages him to take a break, "he just goes back to it."

Allworth, whose role encompasses everything from creative director to content creator and product designer, launched the New York-based company eight years ago, and Mick's roles grew with the brand.

"The video was filmed super late one evening. We were away as a family with my young kids, and Mick was still working late into the evening," she said.

"I actually made myself get out of bed to film him, and he had no idea I was doing so. I posted the video without thinking much of it and woke up to a huge response."

She "had no idea" the clip would go so viral, and a delighted Mick even promised to get his ears pierced on TikTok if her account hit 100,000 followers thanks to the video.

"He loves how kind everyone has been," she said, adding that they are now planning a vacation to Bali for a well-needed rest—but Mick "no doubt will be taking his laptop with him."

Family-run businesses are common. Casey Jones, founder and head of marketing at CJ&CO, a digital marketing agency based in Australia, previously told Newsweek there are many things to consider before going into business with a family member.

"Get outside help where needed. A lot of family businesses are pretty caged because they want to keep the business 'in the family.' That's a big mistake and often backfires, leading to losses," Jones said.

"Bringing in outside help is especially relevant when your family members don't have a specific skill set or the workload exceeds their capacity," he added. "If that's the case, you'll have to get outside help to run your business effectively in the long run anyway. So, keep that in mind."

In Allworth's case, she said of her father: "There is no one better to go into business with.

"Everything he does comes from a place of wanting to help me succeed. I hope one day I can repay him for everything he has done for me."

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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