Woman says Mother's Day flowers she ordered looked very different to what she got

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Expectation vs reality! Woman who ordered £35 Mother's Day bouquet shares image of sad-looking white flowers she actually got - and claims her complaints have been ignored

By Jo Tweedy For Mailonline

Published: 07:38 EDT, 17 March 2023 | Updated: 09:20 EDT, 17 March 2023

A woman who ordered a Mother's Day bouquet has revealed her disappointment after the mailorder blooms that arrived at her door looked nothing like the colourful spring bouquet she was expecting.

Twitter user @tanyasweeney, from Dublin, took to the social media platform after the 'surprise mam' bouquet she ordered from online retailer eflorist, ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday, saw a bunch of lacklustre white flowers delivered.   

She told her followers: ' 1. What I ordered from @eflorist 2. What arrived: 3. What they said when I made a complaint.'

She says her complaints have fallen on deaf ears, posting a response from the company's customer service team, which says the flowers, thought to be worth around £35, 'are fresh' and 'meet the colour scheme advertised'.

Not the surprise you want! What Twitter user Tanya Sweeney, from Dublin, thought she was getting from online retailer eflorist

The company concluded the response by saying it would not be pursuing her complaint.

Sweeney added later that the response was 'an embarrassment!', saying she was only contacted after sending the company multiple emails.

Tanya's expectation vs reality post has since been viewed more than 1.1million times, with others saying they've had similar experiences.

MailOnline contacted eflorist for comment. The company deny that complaints were ignored and say they 'had been assisting this customer throughout their issue and agreed a resolution that the customer was happy with'. 

They added the image the customer used as a comparison on Twitter was not the product they had ordered and told MailOnline: 'We understand their frustration and regret that our service was not faster in resolving the issue however their complaint has been resolved.'

And the reality: Tanya claims the bunch she received had no colourful blooms in them...and wilted after a few days

How the blooms looked after a few days, with the white roses and surrounding green foliage wilting

After reading Tanya's post, another eflorist customer, @AndreaMarySmith, chimed in, saying she'd had a similar experience with the company, writing: 'I received flowers from them once and they were also very disappointing.

'I didn’t want to tell the person who sent them but I should have.'

@Bhaneasa added: 'I got stung with them last Mothers Day too. A handful of wilted, sad flowers arrived loosely in a box. Was mortified coz it ruined the surprise. Never again!'

The response Tanya posted after complaining to eflorist about her blooms

 Another dissatisfied customer, @AndreaMarySmith, chimed in, saying she'd had a similar experience with the company, writing: 'I received flowers from them once and they were also very disappointing'

In the response shared by Tanya online, the company told her: 'Having reviewed the photograph you have been kind enough to provide, we are pleased to see that these flowers are fresh, have met the colour scheme of the advertised product, and are to value.

The company added: 'Unfortunately, on this occasion, we are unable to pursue your complaint.' 

Mothering Sunday falls on Sunday 19th March, with florists experiencing one of their busiest weeks of the year as people order flowers for their mums.  

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