"What A Lifesaver": 30 Parenting Products You’ll Actually Wonder How The Heck You Lived Without

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Long, but worthwhile promising review: "This is clearly a product designed by parents. The whole thing comes apart to go in the wash. Every single piece of fabric. My son puked all over the place one night, and I was so amazed that we were actually able to get this crib clean.

I love that the pad rests on the floor, so there is no weight limit and you won't have to worry about your baby/toddler/small child feeling the support bars underneath, because there are none.

I love that the side zips down so a small child can crawl in, or mom can lay next to the baby. (Don't worry, the zipper clips shut so a child inside can't open it!)

I loved how easy it is to pack and unpack this crib, and the instructions are printed on a tag that is permanently attached to the side! No longer is setting up a travel crib a task reserved for those who know the secret to popping it open!

My toddler slept in it for several weeks while moving, and my kids like to unzip the side and play in it together.

I used this for an overseas flight with a long layover, and my (large) five-year-old was able to curl up inside and nap for several hours before and between flights with a blanket draped over the top. That trip alone was worth the purchase." —John T.

Get it from Amazon for $239.

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