White Sox Fans Chant for Tony La Russa to Be Fired

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The boos echoed at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago as fans yelled “fire Tony” on Saturday during another White Sox loss. 

Chicago blew a five-run lead to lose to the Rangers, 11–9, after 10 innings. The White Sox have lost nine of their last 14 games—and three of their last four—and sit third in the AL Central with a 27–30 record. 

This marked Texas’s fourth win in its last 11 games. 

When asked about the chant, manager Tony La Russa said, “I hear it with one ear and I see it with one eye … I like it when they care enough to be upset.”

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He was later asked if he anticipates further scrutiny, to which he responded, per The Athletic, “There isn’t anything that is happening with this team that at the end, I’m not responsible for. If you don’t like the record, it’s your responsibility, if you don’t like the moves, whatever it is. I’ve never dodged accountability. And I won’t start now.”

Chicago’s manager has come under scrutiny over the last week for his questionable call to intentionally walk Los Angeles shortstop Trea Turner on a 1–2 count. The decision ultimately backfired as Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy hit a three-run homer, breaking the game wide open. The White Sox went on to lose, 11–9.

La Russa doubled down on his decision Friday.

“Psssh, 24 hours later I’m even more surprised,” La Russa said, in part, on the reaction to his decision.“That’s not even a close call. I mean do you know what Muncy was hitting from the left-hand side this season? .125.”

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