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Young Woman's Response to Middle-Aged Passenger Demanding Bus Seat Cheered

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A traveler's frustration after an experience on the bus has sparked debate online.

In a Reddit post on r/AmITheA****** user WorriedRedPickle asked if she was in the wrong for "socially denying" a woman a seat next to them on the bus.

With over 8,000 upvotes and thousands of comments, the poster explained that they regularly take a bus from work to college, which is typically far from full. Due to the ample availability of seats, she explained that she placed her work bag on the seat next to her. However, during a recent commute, a woman boarded the bus, ignored the many vacant seats, and gestured for WorriedRedPickle to move their bag so she could sit down.

Despite complying, the poster said she felt frustrated and rolled their eyes, which led the woman to scold them.

"I sort of rolled my eyes when she sat down next to me and sighed, not to be obvious, but just because I got off an 8-hour shift, I was tired and wanted my own space, and she didn't have to sit next to me," they wrote.

The woman's response—"You need to learn some manners"—prompted the original poster to relocate to another seat and left her wondering if she was in the wrong.

But the responses on the Reddit post overwhelmingly sided with the poster.

Woman on bus
Stock image of a frustrated woman sitting on a bus. The internet cheered a young woman for her reaction to another bus passenger trying to take the seat next to her. kasto80/Getty Images

"NTA. Bag in seat > No intention on moving it > Empty seats all over the bus = Find your azz somewhere else to sit and leave other people alone," commented one Redditor.

Reddit user u/alien_overlord_1001 wrote, "NTA. This has happened to me too - these people are just on a power trip. I just get up and move to another empty seat. If I get on any kind of transport and there are empty seats everywhere, I don't go and sit directly next to someone - it's weird."

Newsweek reached out to WorriedRedPickle via Reddit for comment.

Despite a positive response from Redditors, Elizabeth Wyse, editorial director of Debretts etiquette coaching company and editor of the newly updated book The A-Z of Modern Manners, wasn't convinced.

"While it is frustrating that people choose to sit next to you on the bus when there are other free seats available, you should not complain or express your irritation in any way," Wyse told Newsweek.

"Public transport means that you will have to sit in proximity to other members of the public whether you want to or not; if you really object to this, choose another, self-contained form of transport, such as a bike," she said.

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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